Street Lights Should Not Be Taken for Granted

solar street lights 4Have you ever gone on a night drive and found yourself in a dark and creepy crossroad? Most of us don’t realize this, but street lights play the very essential role in our nightly life. If you’re a driver then you probably know what I’m talking about. Even if you have brand new headlights on and a 20-20 vision, it’s still not enough to ensure your safety especially at night. Maybe you’ll just notice the street light when it’s broken or maybe you don’t notice it at all. But they are definitely there for a purpose. We should be thankful they were invented. With the technological advancements available to us, the government really has no more reason to give us.

One of the leading products of the new generation is solar street lights. You don’t need electrical wirings. Just solar panels. They can’t tell you the place is too small for machines to get in there and do the work. They can’t tell you that it’s placed in an area where electricity does not reach. They may be just street lights, but they’re actually a pretty big deal.

What are the undermined benefits these street lights offer?


The stars may be out at night and the moon may be shining bright, but that is not enough to light up the streets. When you’re walking on a dark street and you can’t see where you’re going, you’re going to wish that the light bulb on that street light isn’t busted again. What if you hit a post or fell into a hole? What if there are dogs in there? What if you drop something? What if a cat was crossing the street? How will you be able to navigate on a pitch black portion of the road? Walking or driving at night would just be so much comfortable if street lights were installed. Or better yet, solar street lights. They don’t have to be monitored as much as regular street lights. They’ll power themselves up and you don’t have to keep replacing the light bulbs on them.

Safety and security

This is the most obvious reason. You can’t see street signs and pedestrians at night if you have no light. You’re more prone to accidents if you can’t see where you’re going. Criminals work best in the dark where you don’t see what they’re doing to execute their evil schemes. Kidnapping, robbery, drug deals, accidents and rape can happen on that dark portion of the street. They’re “just” streetlights, you say? We are putting our lives in danger by allowing streets to be dark and scary. Having street lights can minimize these things.

What if it’s on a winding mountain road or an underdeveloped part of the country? Electric cables can’t go that far yet. It would take forever! Nope. This is where solar street lights are very ideal. You don’t need to draw out cables. You can install these solar street lights instead. I bet the number of cars going off on cliffs at night would be reduced. And it’s all because of street lights.

Integrity of the place

Have you ever hear someone say: I don’t want to pass by “insert name of the street here” because it’s dark and scary and I heard a lot of people are being held up there. I don’t want to end up losing my phone over a snatcher or something. That’s kind of a bad record for the place, isn’t it?

I don’t know if many people see it this way, but street lights contribute to the integrity of a place. They have lights that are functional and decorative and they reflect the type of governance the place has. More street lights, the prettier and brighter equates to the government doing a good job or the city having a lot of income because they can provide prettier street lights. Why not take it up a notch and start the trend. Go green. Go eco-friendly. Solar street lights are not just a status symbol. They’re also functional and pretty aesthetic.

How Can Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting Help Us

In Genesis 1:3, God said, “Let there be light!” It’s because He knows how important light is in our lives. And as the years went by, the evolution of light has changed. Now, we can have lights even at night. No need to use lamps or candles to light up the surroundings, especially outside of our house. With the use of the solar powered street lights, we can see the surroundings clearly during nighttime.

Aside from its obvious purpose, there are other things that a solar powered outdoor lighting can give. Some of the benefits are as follows:

It Beautifies the Surroundings

Solar powered lighting helps to beautify the surroundings. It makes the parks, streets and garden livelier because of the light that it gives. With this reason, solar powered outdoor lighting is a good accessory in an outdoor environment.

It Saves Your Budget

solar street light rowThough solar powered products are highly expensive at first, it will save you a lot of cash in the long run. It doesn’t use gas or other power sources that are quite expensive. You just need to get the energy from the sun and you can use it for the entire evening.

It Saves Nature

Since it doesn’t use gas or any power source that uses fuel, you will get to save our Mother Earth. You just need to focus the solar panel where the sun is and it will start to get the energy that it needs to run for the entire evening.

Solar powered street lights are the best accessory and the most budget and environmentally friendly lightings. With these outdoor lightings, not only will you beautify the surroundings, you will also get to save your budget and our Mother Earth, as well.   So go to the nearest solar powered lighting dealer and buy these outdoor lightings now!

The Importance of Street Lights

Have you ever tried walking in a dark road? If you do then you must know how scary and creepy it is. Many things come into a person’s mind when it’s dark. They can think of spiritual entities such as ghost, fictional characters that comes out in the dark and the worst are the bad people who attacks in dark streets to get valuable things from you.

Why is it important to have street lights?

solar street lights 5Plenty of reasons can be sited out why it is essential to have your streets installed with solar powered street lights. Common reasons are:
* Thieves, bandits, robbers, and burglars crawl into dark places to look for victims – Most of the crimes reported every day happens in the night time. This is because it is easier to attack someone in the dark for they cannot see the person coming and the face of the person who attacked them. Making it hard for the authorities to catch the suspect.
* Accidents happen in dark streets – Vehicular accidents happen in the road. When a road is dark at night and the only source of lights that a driver can rely on is their headlights the chances of getting into an accident is very high. Imagine turning into a curb and there are no lights, it will be really hard for you do determine if someone is coming from the other side.
* Visual appeal of the streets – Another reason than feeling safe and secured in a solar powered street lights equipped road is the visual impact of a street. People who appreciate the beauty of the light effects in a street will always want to walk on that road, and by this simple means of having pretty lights in your street you can make a person’s day after a stressful work.

Choose Solar Powered Street Lights

If your street doesn’t have any street lights and you want to approach the person responsible for it, you may ask them to make it solar powered. Solar powered lights are cheaper and eco-friendly. Since the energy comes from the sun rays, the amount of money for this project will not cost as expensive as it was before.